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Students today are different than they were five or even 10 years ago. Their lives are flooded with technology and students want to use this tech to create in a variety of ways. Think about the times in your teaching career when you assigned an open ended project, meaning students…


ThingLink continues to be my top app pick for both student explanation of learning and teacher created content. It works in a BYOD, iPad, Chromebook, or laptop environment, and is an excellent suggestion for creating student products outside of the classroom. It’s quick, easy, and user friendly. Create classes, add students, and manage their accounts with a ThingLink Teacher account, or have your students over the age of 13 create their own free accounts. 


The new Google Slides app is out! On Monday, Google released the Google Slides app for iOS. For those looking for anything other than a simple text editor  to compliment your existing Google Slides, you will be disappointed.  When you start the app it gathers all of your presentations in…


By now, it’s practically impossible to make it through the day without encountering a QR code.  Whether on a restaurant menu, a box of cereal, or embedded in a blog (yep, like the one you’re reading right now!), QR codes provide instant accessibility to content.  So, how can we use…


Redefining instruction using the SAMR model is easy in the digital classroom. You are loaded with the tools you need to transform your instruction, not just enhance it. Here are my suggestions for moving your instruction above the line for a greater impact. Allowing students to record you and making…


There are so many interactive and engaging apps available to teachers today. With one search of a button you can find yourself surrounded with hundreds of apps on any given topic. So as a teacher, I asked myself this question: With all these great resources, why should I limit my students to only using one app at a time?

I’ve found one of the most beneficial uses of apps in the classroom forms when you begin giving students choice over which apps to use and promoting the smashing of multiple apps to create one product. In my classroom I saw  increased student engagement and greater retention of learning when I introduced my students to this process, referred to as App Smashing.

Now, I know what you’re thinking “Use more than one app at a time? Yeah right, I just figured out how ONE app works, how am I supposed to use it in conjunction with three or four others?”  The answer? YOU aren’t. THEY are.