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Technology in the classroom is growing exponentially. Teachers and students alike are leveraging technology to increase productivity and become well versed in an increasingly digital world. It seems as though everyone at every age finds that technology makes their lives much easier. Even babies! How many times have you seen…


I recently had the pleasure of reading David Sax’s 2016 book The Revenge of Analog: Real Things and Why They Matter in which he explores recent movements away from the digital realm and towards high quality, analog experiences. His premise is impossible to deny. Two decades into the digital revolution…

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The power of video as a learning tool is no secret to today’s educators. Videos have become an essential element in the classroom, but it isn't always easy to know if the students are engaged when it's shared. YouTube, Vimeo, Kahn Academy, and Discovery are just a few resources that are…


  #iTeachDigital is making itself known in the Twitter world as a new resource for teachers all over the country to create and share. We're excited to show you where we've been, and where we're going with our Seminar, continuing this Spring in 9 new cities.   Excited to see…


The new Google Slides app is out! On Monday, Google released the Google Slides app for iOS. For those looking for anything other than a simple text editor  to compliment your existing Google Slides, you will be disappointed.  When you start the app it gathers all of your presentations in…


You have a great idea… Your Teachers Pay Teachers budget is gone and you’ve resorted to sitting down and creating a handout yourself. You want it to be wonderfully creative and intriguing for their young eyes (like you see EVERYWHERE), the task is daunting. The room is quiet, computer is on, and you’ve got all the time in the world. {A teacher’s world that is, so let’s go with 10 minutes, once your kids leave, and before you finally get to go home. Sound about right?} But there’s a problem; everything is ready to go but your creative mind. What do you do?

Take these tips and steps and break that creative block… Give your students a stimulating worksheet to encourage task completion using your original thinking.

Now you’re probably telling me, ‘I don’t have the software I need to be creative.’ You’re wrong. You do, right there in your Google Drive, which you should be using because it’s an essential tool for a digital classroom. What’s it called? Google Drawings, and it’s going to rock your socks.