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We're Turning a New Page: The Scoop on Edvergent Learning's Rebrand to


There’s Strength in Our (Re)Brand has grown to be a highly recognizable name in the world of online textbooks and digital course materials. Since launching on July 2, 1999, our brand has exceeded industry standards and has grown to become a premier provider of online course material solutions for K-12 and higher education.

The good and the not-so-good…Brand equity and confusion

But, I bet there are some who don’t know that the master brand includes many sub-brands. These brands have purposes and sub-audiences of their own, but none have the brand equity of the original. In the family, you’ll find brands like Edvergent Learning, eTechCampus, Course Material Solutions, and more. With so many brands and each having their own logo, there can also be confusion among consumers. 

Let’s cut the confusion

The desire to bring unity and clarity to our brand prompted a deep dive into how we can align our message of textbook affordability across our entire suite of solutions. What emerged was a new brand for K-12 and Higher Ed Online Bookstores. 

Drumroll, please…

Are you ready for the big reveal? Formerly known as Course Material Solutions and Virtual Bookstores for the higher ed division, the textbook program is now Higher Ed, with an operational brand of Books by eCampus. The K-12 textbook division, formerly known as eTechCampus, is now K-12.






The comprehensive rebrand elevates the focus on delivering customized textbook and digital content solutions to schools, colleges, and universities and includes new logos, positioning, and websites.

Out with the old, in with the new

The rebrand goes into effect immediately and with that, you’ll notice some changes in our social media platforms. The major changes relate to our Edvergent Learning pages. Since the Edvergent Learning brand is transitioning to K-12, these pages will be going away. Don’t worry, the Edvergent Learning name is going away, but the products will remain part of the solution suite. 

Here’s a quick overview of the social media changes:

  • Twitter:  Edvergent Learning (formerly @edvergent) is now @eCampusK12
  • Twitter:  eTechCampus (formerly @eTechCampus) is now @eCampusK12
  • Facebook:  Edvergent Learning is now ConvergeLMS
  • Facebook:  eTechCampus is now eCampusK12
  • Instagram:  Edvergent is now eCampusK12


Join us on all of our social media platforms (new and old) to see the exciting things we’re doing to bring educational resources to students! 

Ready to learn more about our complete solution suite? Visit us at, and

You can also read our official rebrand press release.


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