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Part 2 of a 3 Part Implementation Blog Series

Teach, assess, reteach, reassess; it’s the endless cycle that makes your kids go crazy! Data driven instruction is considered best practice, but all the assessing can make teachers and students begin to forget what learning is truly about: the experience! Assessment no longer has to be a pencil-paper timed test. It can be transformed to engage students in the learning process without the pressure! These are our top five EdTech assessment tools your students are sure to love!




How many times have you asked your kids to discuss a topic, only to discover the rest of the room is off-task? For me, it felt like that always happened! Now, record those discussions on Flipgrid to 1) see your students’ discussions in real-time, and 2) provide video feedback! Flipgrid is a video tool you can use to make assessments (as well as collaboration) engaging and valuable experiences for all. Assign students a topic and watch their learning become larger than life!




No need to write down all the times you want to stop an engaging video to ask your students a question; just put it right in the video! Edpuzzle is an easy tool to make videos interactive by inserting quiz questions, audio notes and tracks, as well as cropping the video to keep it condensed and impactful. Use this tool to create a flipped learning experience, personalized learning track, assist in the assess-reassess cycle, and more!



Looking for a way to easily gamify your instruction? Check out Quizizz! Quizizz allows you to create quizzes from scratch or use pieces from other educators around the globe to develop an engaging formative assessment. Students play this formative assessment game to accumulate points and slide to the top of the leaderboard for each correct answer. Students get an immediate feedback report outlining the topics they need to review for content mastery. Need a quick review, a meaningful learning center, or maybe even a substitute activity? Quizizz is your go-to tool!



Revolutionize quizzing by using Edulastic to deliver your formative or summative assessments. Choose from a variety of question types to provide your students a user-friendly assessment experience. Create quizzes that include multimedia, advanced mathematics, and even foreign language components. Share quiz questions with colleagues to collaborate easily through this assessment tool. Want to make sure your data is read to go for a quick PLC meeting? Streamline your data tracking into an easy report system that aligns with thousands of educational standards!

Pear Deck


Pear Deck is an easy and inexpensive way to integrate assessments into your presentations. Now as a Google Slide Add-On, use Pear Deck to integrate bell ringers, drawing activities, quick quizzes, and other innovative assessment solutions. Always worried about if your students are really following along on the slideshow? Have no fear – Pear Deck pushes out the slides directly to your student screens! With an easy join code, students can access the presentation and assessment activities from their screen at any time. Transform your presentations from unengaging to powerful by using Pear Deck!

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