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How do you prepare students for success? Many factors exist within the academic ecosystem that influence how our students learn and grow. One of them is making sure they have access to the right course materials at the right time, and delivered through the right platforms.

School leaders recognize this vital component to a thriving student experience, yet they’re faced with several challenges to a commitment of best-in-class course content at an affordable price. Many schools opt to manage their textbook and course materials operation in-house. What often accompanies this solution is the high cost of new adoptions, limited physical space for textbook storage, complicated digital content delivery, and let’s not forget- the amount of time and management it requires!

As schools look to decrease textbook costs and improve processes, institutions are increasingly turning to virtual bookstore models as a “golden ticket”. These customized online bookstores offer maximum flexibility for purchasing and also support streamlined adoptions and simplified access to digital content – a win win for everyone involved. Private and parochial schools especially seek value-added offerings to provide families with cutting-edge academic resources for their students. A virtual bookstore speaks volumes to parents who appreciate purchasing flexibility and one-stop shop convenience. Another important consideration is student impact. How might academic success be affected by improved access to course materials? 

Check out the following infographic that explores five ways a virtual bookstore can transform your school.

Ready to learn more? Click here to investigate how one K-12 focused solution is changing how institutions are supporting their educational community, one book at a time.  



Download the infographic here!

About The Author

Tiffaney Lavoie currently serves as the Director of Instructional Media and Design at Edvergent Learning. An educator with a business background, she has served over 60 school districts in Kentucky as an instructional technology consultant where she developed and delivered professional learning opportunities and partnered with school and district technology rollouts. A former middle school teacher, Tiffaney has a passion for effective technology integration and recognizes the importance of accessible digital tools to support teaching and learning. She has presented on a state, regional, and national level, and values immersive digital learning environments that better equip students to compete in a global society.

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