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We’re excited to unveil a fresh, new look here at Edvergent. In addition to some subtle updates to our company logo, we’ve given our product logos a facelift to best reflect our suite of services and our dedication to the educational space. With playful new colors and meaningful graphics inspired by the solutions they represent, say hello to our new look!




Our new Converge logo embodies what the LMS is all about – bringing learners together. We’ve combined graphical elements from our company logo as symbols of the convergence of students, teachers, parents, and administrators in a K-12 friendly online learning space. We’re all about propelling instruction – see it?




We revamped our eTechCampus logo to represent the driving force behind our innovative course material solutions: student success!  Notice any symbolic graphics? Keeping consistent with our new color palette, we incorporated the fun teal and snuck in our signature diamond. A clean, new font rounds out the revitalized logo.




It’s so much fun working with educators across the country who share our passion for effective digital learning opportunities through our #ITD professional development. Our rejuvenated logo captures the dynamic mix of teacher leaders that make up #iTeachDigital and how together we can ignite learning! Connect and grow with us!


“As a team, and with thoughtful leadership direction, we really dissected our mission and brainstormed how our brands can help tell Edvergent Learning’s story,” said Jessica Clingenpeel, who serves as the company’s graphic designer. “As we continuously pursue cutting-edge solutions to meet the changing demands of K-12 education, we want our logos to represent that commitment.”


“Our new logos are an evolution of previous designs that recognize where we’ve been with a vision of where we’re going,” said Tiffaney Lavoie, Director of Instructional Media and Design. “We’re thrilled with our modern, new look that reinforces our commitment to an evolving educational community.”


The new logos will take effect immediately, making their debut on the company’s website. Love our new look? Share your thoughts with us @edvergent and #iTeachDigital!

About The Author

Tiffaney Lavoie currently serves as the Director of Instructional Media and Design at Edvergent Learning. An educator with a business background, she has served over 60 school districts in Kentucky as an instructional technology consultant where she developed and delivered professional learning opportunities and partnered with school and district technology rollouts. A former middle school teacher, Tiffaney has a passion for effective technology integration and recognizes the importance of accessible digital tools to support teaching and learning. She has presented on a state, regional, and national level, and values immersive digital learning environments that better equip students to compete in a global society.

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