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After months of user feedback, design changes and quality testing, Converge 2.0 is ready to launch!  We have redesigned Converge to be quicker, easier and to provide an improved user experience.  We have relied on great feedback from teachers and students to completely overhaul the user interface to make it more efficient.

Key updates for Converge 2.0 include:

  • A new dashboard featuring course icons for easy access
  • Quick analytics for a snapshot of users and assignments that need attention
  • Redesigned left-side navigation
  • Inbox, Calendar, To- Do List, Grades and Needs Grading have all been updated
  • Customizable dashboard- course filtering and switching between calendar and the learning timeline have been added to the dashboard
  • New parent portal designed to pull in all agendas and assignments in one spot
  • Converge 2.0 features a new tool called Quick Links. Account admins can provide instant access to the most useful resources by creating Quick Links; accessible by all account users. Instructors can also create their own links for personal use.  

We are very pleased with the new layout and functions, and can’t wait for you to try it! For more information, visit us at or contact us to schedule a live demo!

Converge 2.0

About The Author

Todd currently serves as the Director of Instructional Design for eTechCampus. With a passion for digital learning, Todd leads the development of eTechCampus’s learning management system, Converge. Todd’s teaching background includes teaching English and computers at the high school level. His passion for the arts led him to start the first Media Arts program in the state of Kentucky and he developed the curriculum for statewide adoption. Todd is also a PhD student at the University of Kentucky’s School Technology Leadership program, which gives him a unique set of skills to work with administrators incorporating digital learning into their schools. Todd has been a frequent presenter at local, state and national edtech conferences. Todd is a Google Certified Teacher and works with schools implementing Google Apps for Education.