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The thought of Virtual Reality immediately sends my mind racing back to science fiction movies and tv shows like Star Trek.  Recently, companies such as Oculus, HTC and even Sony have been throwing their hat in this arena, trying to bring a fully immersive headset into your living room.  The problem is, these are all very costly.  Google has released it’s cheap version of VR with its Google Cardboard. Add your own smartphone to it and you’re exploring underwater oceans all around you.  Google Cardboard is cool, but still costs $25.  What if you could experience your own VR headset, but at no extra cost to yourself? Look no further than the future Happy Meal.  

All across in Sweden, McDonald’s locations are kicking off a promotion called Happy Goggles.  Check out this video to see it in action.


The Happy Meal boxes will come with a lens kit and perforations on the box to fold your own VR headset.  So far, this is only being tested in Sweden, but it could be coming to your neighborhood McDonald’s soon.  

Another company toying with this idea is Coke.  Check out this cool concept marketing video created by Coke to show what future packaging might look like from them.




The next cheeseburger you eat may be experienced while swimming in a virtual ocean or exploring Paris.  Hang on, the future is about to get crazy.  VR headsets are coming, are you ready?  


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