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An iBook is an eBook, but not all eBooks are iBooks. Have you ever heard someone say, “A Jacuzzi is a hot tub, but not all hot tubs are Jacuzzi’s”? The relationship between an eBook and an iBook works the same. So, what is the difference?

eBook is short for “electronic book”. The official definition according to Merriam-Webster is “a book that is read on a computer or other electronic device”. Most of the time, general reading books such as “To Kill a Mockingbird” is what one thinks as an eBook, and this is correct.

An iBook, however, is a little more advanced and different than an eBook; an iBook is a “name brand” eBook. iBooks are available both for general reading books, but also for Textbooks. Apple takes these books and adds more interactive features such as music, videos, and images, allowing a more intuitive learning experience on Apple iOS devices.

The blur of the two arises when a Textbook, such as World History, is available in both formats. Which is better? How do you choose? See the information below to compare against your needs.

Copy of the physical book
PDF (exact replica, page for page) or ePub (reflowable text based on screen and text size)
No interactivity

Copy of the physical book
iOS devices only
Added interactivity (videos, images, sound)

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Director of K-12 Virtual Bookstores