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With a new school year fast approaching, now’s the time to start brainstorming how to keep your tech organized, among other things! Here are 6 cool tech gadgets to help you achieve that organization, and look hip doing it.



Adonit Jot Pro Fine Point Stylus – $20

Okay, this doesn’t keep you organized, but it does keep you hip! Annotate and grade with ease, without the bulky line a normal stylus creates.

Jot Pro Stylus

Satechi USB Surge Protector – $11

Lose your charging block but still have your USB cord? If yes, join the club. Solve the issue with an $11 USB plug, all while keeping the normal outlet functional, and accessible.

Pi Mount Charging Station – $19

If you’re unlike a lot of people and still have your original charging block, then this gadget is for you. Plug in and click on this neat holster, made perfectly to hold your phone or tablet off the ground.

Pi Mount

Grid-It Organizer – $12

Now THIS is organization! With a slim profile, and more than enough loops, this gadget organizer is a must have for anyone in the 21st century. Simply slip in your tech, cords, or accessories and pack in with your tablet or computer for easy transport. With different sizes available, this handy piece is good for more than just tech!

Grid It Organizer FilledGrid It Organizer

Sticko Tiny Mount – $19

It’s small, but mighty! Stick your tech practically anywhere with this cute little suction mount. Attach your tech to your whiteboard, your window, your radio, and more! Equipped with a lobster clamp and earphone jack, you’ll always have it handy when needed.

Sticko Tiny Mount

OXO Cleaning Brush – $5

Keep all your new, and old, gadgets looking spiff and span with a new silicone brush. It comes with a retractable brush end and another pointed end for detail with lid included. What’s not to love about a clean piece of tech?

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