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Once trapped under Google+, Google Photos has broken free into a completely new service that allows for unlimited video and photo storage.  Last week Google announced Google Photos, a photo storage app for iOS devices and Android devices.  The videos and pictures are also still accessible in your Google Drive.

A few pics from Harry Potter World!

Despite privacy concerns (I’m sure it will be hacked at some point), I am in love with this app already.  After syncing my iPad with the photos service through the app, I now have access to all of my previous photos stored there and I have access to every new photo taken on my synced devices.  Google Photos has a few editing capabilities and some built in filters that can be applied.

The app allows for pinching gestures (at least on the iPad and iPhone- haven’t tested it anywhere else yet) that changes how many photos you see at one time.  The search function is amazing!  By just clicking on the search button, Google Photos organized my photos into people, places, and things.  My library included everything from food to dogs.  Apparently I take a lot of pictures of my dogs.

From Google Photos I can also share across multiple social media platforms and via text and email.  The app does have a few limitations, such as not being able to have a shared folder of pictures, but I think it will add features as it matures.

This is an app I would recommend and I know I’ll be using it.

If you’re ready to give it a try, here are 16 cool things you can do with Google photos…

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