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Heavy Backpack


Whether your affiliation is with a public or private school, most likely any student you see is carrying around a pretty heavy load of textbooks in their backpack… still. So, why is this the case when digital textbooks have been accessible for over five years now?

The use of digital textbooks in school classrooms is greatly increasing year after year. With the growing number of schools transitioning to 1:1 digital learning environments, the amount of digital material used is guaranteed to increase.  However, experts are only predicting that digital content will be about 28% of total course materials used in 2017.

The truth is- going “digital” with textbooks is not as easy or painless as it may sound. With our Virtual Bookstore Program, our context experts have been helping schools to transition their textbooks from physical to digital for over five years; it has been tough to find a comprehensive course materials solution that meets all the needs of one school.

These days teachers don’t just want a carbon-copy of the physical textbook for their students to use in the classroom, they want embedded links, videos, and interactivity. Textbook publishers are scrambling to keep up with the demand for these types of materials, and are just now (in 2015!) releasing content that will meet the demand of today’s teacher.

So, if your school or classroom hasn’t already made the leap to digital textbooks… it’s coming. We’d love to hear what you are doing in your school to combat “heavy backpack syndrome” or to keep up with the digital movement in your classroom! Tweet us @eTechCampus with #iTeachDigital.


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