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Let’s change the way you think…. The way you approach a problem… The way your brain maps itself to a solution…


Let’s make use of the creative thinking environment that’s already flowing through your classroom. On board? Great! Now you’re probably wondering what’s the key to utilizing it? There are many ways to tap into this potential thinking, but I’ve selected a few of my favorites that can help discover what you and your students are capable of, and it’s a lot.


DiscoverManThe first? Take a break. If the creativity is not flowing, or you’re not getting to where you want to be… take a break. This is a vital principle to free thinking. When you’re feeling pressured or “made” to get creative, you’ll end up hitting a wall. Every time.


DiscoverManPost It! And no, I’m not talking about Facebook. Literally Post-Its. Take a stack and start writing. Post them wherever you feel, wherever you’ll see them. Then take your break, come back, and post some more! Seeing all your ideas together, written out, will give your brain a visual map of connect-the-dots.



What’s missing? Step back and try to reverse the problem. Absent thinking could be straightforward if your issue is more simplistic and you know exactly what’s missing… Or this can be tricky if you can’t pin point what’s really wrong.


DiscoverManBe random! This might be my favorite just because it’s so much fun. Take your device, paper, chalkboard, or dry erase board and have everyone start throwing out random words that they are associating with the problem at hand. Getting others’ connection to the situation may just spark something for you and give you brilliance!


Although this list is only 4 ideas deep, they are some great starting points for any group wanting to broaden their scope of thinking. You and your students already have the tools needed to break down an issue and think outside the box, so go discover!

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