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Ok, so we’ve been talking about our Remix[ing] seminars for a while… If you haven’t already heard about all the locations, here’s your chance. Remix[ing] is the new thing, taking your classroom to another level of student inspired and lead learning, making the student responsible for their education. The great thing about Remix[ing] is the endless capabilities within apps, websites, and student creation.

Speaking of Remix[ing], it’s quite a fun coincidence that Paper53, one of my most favorite apps, just released a new collaborative creation environment called Mix. The name, like the rest of the brand, is simplistic and takes your mind to creative places. What is Mix? How does one go about joining the Mix? Well, both questions are easy to answer… Here’s what you need to know about Mix, and why you should start Mixing today.

FiftyThree wants us to “Create Together”, using their Paper to work off of each other’s ideas and see where creators all over the world take our starting creation. It makes Paper a more useful tool, especially in the classroom. So what is Mix exactly? Mix is a community, you sign up for free, where you find other creators that you can follow. It takes the drawing aspect to a social point never seen before.

So now you’ve joined the Mix community, what’s next? Create! This is the best part. Make something, anything, that you’re willing to share with the world. It can be playful, educational, informative, and more. Once you’ve created your “idea”, simply release it into the world via the menu within the app. Keep in mind that your creation doesn’t need to be “finished”. This is where the Remix[ing] comes in. Anyone who sees your creation, and wants to get involved, can star it to like it, or start drawing and editing on your original creation. See, it’s simple and is within an open and non-judgmental community.Paper53 Remix

You love this right? I knew you would. But now I can see you looking at me and asking, “This is cool, but how is this beneficial to my classroom?” Great question. This is implementation is mainly geared towards high school level and beyond. You’ve created your account, which now includes a username within the Mix community, and you’ve shared your creation. Now your students can create a free account, search by your username name, and locate the creation you shared for this assignment or project. Once they’re “finished” with their piece, they can either share it into the community again, or simply download it to their camera roll and upload it your classroom’s Google Drive.

My user name is JacBenson, find my creation to the right and Mix it!


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